Shaun Willis

A man of many talents.

LoFi Willis Sounds

Enjoy the best lofi music to study, work, and code.

 What are you needs?

Helping you with the following areas.


& Application Development

Creating valuable applications and websites that meet your business needs. 


& Performance

Worship & Praise music that will bless your soul. As a passionate artist, you will experience the freedom, joy and love of Jesus in His songwriting and performance.


& Tesla Model Y 2021

Drive a brand new Tesla Model Y on your next vacation, get away or business trip. 


& Talk Tech

Network with some of the greatest software engineers in the Murfreesboro, TN area and find your next developer position.


& Founders

Startup & existing tech companies need tech talent, Boro Dev Agency is where you want to be. They have the ability to take scratch ideas and make them into a reality within a quick deadline and on a budget.


& Co Hosts

Choose from several different style podcasts. Listen to anything from investment ideas, developer talks, to conversations with Jesus.

Let's get introduced

Hi, my name is Shaun Willis. I am an entrepreneur, software engineer, songwriter, founder, co host, owner and more...

  • At Boro Dev Agency, we take scratch to functioning quickly.

  • As an artist, I help make painful moments beautiful w/Jesus.

  • At Willis Wheels, We make long lasting memories w/teslas.

  • In Boro.Dev Community, I help mentor entry level developers.

  • As a software engineer, I build web applications to scale.


Project built

20 yrs

As an artist

6 yrs

Web Dev

What to expect

Well, it takes just a little bit of time and a lot of coffee. But then here is what you can expect:

  • Transparency: Once a strategy is successfully implemented, expect me to offer transparency throughout the whole process.

  • Ongoing Optimization: Expect to get progress reports on current performance. I will be making strategy adjustments that continually optimize for success. 

  • High-touch Local Customer Service: Expect to get a close working relationship with me and/or my team. You can reach me and my customer support team in a pinch.

  • Affordable: Expect to find the most affordable prices.

- Tyson Cadenhead VP of Engineering at Evolution Virtual

"Working with Boro Dev Agency was a pleasure! They delivered working code within a tight deadline and met all of the requirements of our project. The team was highly responsive to feedback and great at communicating the gaps in requirements that were inherent of our quick turn-around time."

Interested? Let's talk 👋🏻

To book or for any other question please contact me here.


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